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HUDI is a continuously growing ecosystem that empowers individuals and organizations to unlock the full potential of their data-enriching, trading, and monetizing it like never before.

Direct monetizazion:

All interactions made and certified through the Human ID are directly issued by the Provider to the Users.

Indirect monetizazion:

All other interactions that cannot be directly assigned are gradually redistributed to Users.

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We believe

The sanctity of data sovereignty in an interconnected world. 

The empowerment of individuals through decentralized control. 

The power of open collaboration as the future of digital interaction.

We are

HUDI is more than technology. It's a revolution. We are a global alliance of developers, data enthusiasts, and advocates for digital freedom. Human Data Income is the guiding force committed to fostering a community that will evolve to sustain itself. Advised by luminaries in tech and digital, we are united in our mission to disrupt the traditional paradigms of data ownership and digital empowerment.