The passport to a privacy-first Human centric internet stored in your Data Wallet.

Get your Human ID

Prove you're Human staying anonymous

Navigate the digital cosmos with our Zero-Knowledge Proof of Humanity.
Authenticate universally, preserve your privacy, and redefine what it means to be human online.


Decentralized: Own your identity, free from platform lock-ins.

Self-Custodial: Your data, your rules, no peaking. You're in the driver's seat.

Zero-Knowledge: Prove you're Human, keep your privacy.

How it works

One-time verification, zero-knowledge freedom.

Your HUMAN ID certificate proves you're human, but keeps your personal details a secret.

Use cases

Your universal key to a safer, more efficient digital world.

From bot-free social networks to anonymous voting and simplifying financial compliance, the possibilities with HUMAN ID are limitless.

For Developers

Integrating HUMAN ID is simple. Our SDK is designed to be easily incorporated into web, mobile, and decentralized applications.

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Say goodbye to centralized databases with the InterPlanetary Data Wallet (IPDW) - Your Gateway to a User-Centric Data Ecosystem.

Get your Human ID