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How to Earn Crypto with HUDI Quests: Overview, New Features and Updates

May 29, 2024

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Discover how to earn crypto through HUDI Quests! Explore the latest features including easy quest editing, comprehensive stats, and an improved UI for a seamless experience. Dive into HUDI dApp's earn section now!

Welcome to HUDI News, your go-to source for the latest updates and features on HUDI dApp. In this article, we'll delve into the exciting world of HUDI Quests and explore how you can earn crypto by engaging in quests and surveys. Plus, we'll highlight the fantastic new updates that make your HUDI experience even better!

What Are HUDI Quests?

HUDI Quests are a part of the Earn section in the HUDI dApp, designed to reward users for engaging in various activities. By participating in quests and surveys, you can earn additional rewards in the form of crypto. It's a fun and interactive way to maximize your earnings while contributing valuable feedback and insights.


Introducing Quest to Earn: A New Way to Distribute Crypto

At HUDI, we believe in the value of your data and attention. Quest to Earn is our innovative approach to rewarding users for their participation and engagement. Instead of traditional marketing methods, Quest to Earn leverages your intrinsic value, providing crypto rewards for activities you already do. Whether it's sharing your opinions in surveys or completing specific tasks, you're earning crypto for something that inherently belongs to you. This model not only empowers users but also ensures a fairer distribution of rewards in the digital economy.

How to Get Started with HUDI Quests

Getting started with HUDI Quests is simple:

  1. Access the Earn Section: Open the HUDI dApp, connect your crypto wallet and navigate to the Earn section.
  2. Choose a Quest: Browse through the available quests and surveys. Select the ones that interest you the most.
  3. Complete the Tasks: Follow the instructions to complete the tasks or surveys.
  4. Earn Rewards: Upon completion, you'll earn crypto rewards that will be added to your HUDI account.

For Advertisers: Create Engaging Quests with CRAFT


Advertisers, take note! The CRAFT section of HUDI dApp is your gateway to creating engaging quests for users. Here's how you can leverage this powerful tool:

Self-Service, Web3, and Crypto-Powered

Creating quests on HUDI is a self-service process. Simply connect your wallet to the dApp and start crafting your quests. Payment is seamless with crypto, reflecting the true spirit of Web3.

Tailored Engagement

Choose specific targeting options for your quests. Whether you want users to join Telegram groups, engage in social activities like likes, reposts, and comments, or take on maxi quests known as "quest pools," you have the flexibility to design the perfect engagement strategy.

Flexible Quest Options

Decide whether your quest is public, available to the entire HUDI community, or private, accessible only by invitation. This flexibility allows you to tailor your marketing efforts to your exact needs.

Secure and Bot-Free with HUMAN ID

With HUDI’s HUMAN ID, the problem of bots is a thing of the past. Our zero-knowledge proof identity verification ensures that only real humans can participate in quests and surveys. Projects can invest confidently in decentralized marketing, knowing that their budget is reaching genuine users who engage with the brand and support advertising efforts.

Exciting Updates for HUDI Quests

We're thrilled to announce some fantastic new features that will enhance your HUDI Quests experience:

Edit Your Quests with Ease!

We've made it easier than ever to edit your quests. Whether you need to update information or make changes to your tasks, you can now do so effortlessly within the HUDI dApp.

New Stats Page for Comprehensive Insights!

Gain deeper insights into your quest activities with our new stats page. Track your progress, see how much you've earned, and monitor your performance across different quests. It's a great way to stay informed and motivated.

Improved UI for a Smoother Experience!

We've revamped the user interface to ensure a smoother and more enjoyable experience. Navigating through quests and completing tasks has never been this seamless.

Updated UI for Client-Side Ad Network Stats Tables!

For those involved in client-side ad networks, we've updated the UI to provide more detailed and accessible stats tables. Stay on top of your ad performance with ease.

Community Grants: Try HUDI Quests

HUDI is offering grants to communities interested in testing HUDI Quests. If you want to receive a grant for your community, contact us on X or email us at Thousands of people are already participating in quests and claiming the daily grant every week. Don't miss out!

Dive In and Explore the New Updates Now!

These updates are designed to make your journey with HUDI Quests more rewarding and enjoyable. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the HUDI dApp's Earn section, explore the new features, and start earning crypto today!

Stay tuned to HUDI News for more updates and tips on how to maximize your crypto earnings. Happy questing!

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